Kolkata plays Kerala, onus on the Indian players

Atletico De Kolkata, the table leaders in the Indian Super League, will play against the last position holder Kerala Blasters tomorrow. But, because of the fact that their main player Fikru Tefera will not be in the squad, they cannot be considered the clear cut favourites for the game. Apart from that, the team management is waiting on the medical report of the injury of the marquee player Luis Garcia who is having a troubled hammy. 

Antonio Habas, the head coach of Atletico De Kolkata, might also suffer disciplinary action for his acts in Goa. So, all of a sudden, the Sourav Ganguly owned franchise which had been looking pretty settled till the previous game is looking disorganized and thus, they might be playing a bit of a waiting game tomorrow against the Blasters.

It has been the Fikru-Garcia partnership that has made most of the goals for Kolkata Now, having these two unavailable simultaneously is a headache. But, that also means that the other players in the side especially those who are the local ones can put their skills on display and show the world that they are good enough to belong to the top level of football. 

It’s not that the Indians have not done anything in this ISL. The likes of Balwant Singh, Subhash Singh, Baljeet Saini, they have all been doing well, but, no one out of these youngsters have looked like getting better of the opponent players consistently. They have also been a bit overshadowed by the presence of plenty of foreign players. No team in the tournament has fielded an all Indian attack. Mostly, the attacking line and the midfield of the teams have been filled with overseas stars. But, what’s essential for the Indian players is that whenever they play in the main role, they blossom.

Nov 2, 2014
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