ISL television viewership starting to decline

There was never any doubt that the television rating points of the Indian Super League will be very high for the first week. There was a break in club football in Spain and England during that period as the European qualifiers were going on. So, the Indian people were obviously bound to watch ISL. First, because, they had no choice and second, there was a bit of excitement too as it is the first widely telecasted professional football league in India in which big names are there. But, as the La Liga and English Premier League action has resumed, the television viewership of ISL is on decline and that has not come to anybody as surprise. It was expected.

The actual thing is that there are a lot of Premier League and La Liga fans in India. They regularly watch the matches of the likes of Real Madrid, Manchester United, Barcelona, Chelsea etc. So, they already know what’s the top level football is like. For them to watch the football that is being played in ISL, it’s sort of frustrating. In ISL, clearly, the pace of the players is not as much as it should be and that is probably because there are quite a few veterans in there. Also, the wastage of crosses inside the box, the standard of playmaking, it’s not even close to that in EPL or Liga.

So, for a hardcore football fan in India, there is not any reason to be watching ISL. But, the ISL organizers should not feel demoralized at all. Increasing television viewership should not be their aim at this point of time. Their aim should be to make as much people come to the stadium as possible. This league is not going to be the biggest in the world overnight. It’s a step by step process. Getting every match sold out will itself be a big success for ISL this season.

Nov 2, 2014
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