IPL 2013 Points Table

Points Table for IPL 2013 tournament which is being held at India from Apr 3, 2013 to May 26, 2013. In Indian Premier League 2013, total 76 T20 matches will be held. The matches of Indian Premier League 2013 will be played in India till May 26, 2013. Points-Table.com helps Indian Premier League 2013 fans to embed the code for tournament team Standings and provide information about which teams are qualify for the next round or stage.

IPL 2013 Points Table will allow cricket bloggers and administrator to directly embed the code on their sites and blogs to give their visitors unique experience and information on team standing of Indian Premier League 2013 which is being held in India. This site helps in getting latest updated IPL 2013 points table. Points Table for IPL 2013 with all the details. You can also embed the Indian Premier League 2013 points table on your blog and website.
IPL 2013MatWonLostN/RPtsNRRForAgainst
Chennai Super Kings16115022+0.5302461/303.52310/305.1
Mumbai Indians16115022+0.4412514/318.12350/315.0
Rajasthan Royals16106020+0.3222405/310.52326/313.4
Sunrisers Hyderabad16106020+0.0032166/308.52206/314.4
Royal Challengers Bangalore1697018+0.4572571/301.02451/303.1
Kings XI Punjab1688016+0.2262428/305.22417/312.5
Kolkata Knight Riders16610012-0.0952290/313.42316/313.1
Pune Warriors1641208-1.0062262/318.42519/310.5
Delhi Daredevils1631306-0.8482234/314.52436/306.4
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Indian Premier League 2013 Team Standing

IPL 2013 Schedule
The date for the next Indian Premiere League has been declared and this time it is going to be bigger and better. The tournament will start from the 3rd of April 2013 and will continue till 26th May 2013. There will be more matches this time and the expectations from the teams will be high. 9 teams will take part in this year’s Indian Premiere League namely Kolkata Knight Riders, Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Daredevils, Mumbai Indians, King XI Punjab, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Pune Warriors India Rajasthan Royals and Sunrisers Hyderabad. Each team will play 16 matches in the league round. The IPL Points Table 2013 will decide which team will go into the finals directly after the teams have played their 16 respective matches. Teams on winning will get 2 points for every match. However the losing team will not get any points and if the match is a tie then there will be a super over where the winner will be decided. In case any match is abandoned due to rain or any other reasons then the teams will share 1 point each.
The rules of the Indian Premiere League have changed since the last 2 years and this year too the same rule will be followed. There will be no quarter finals or semi finals. Instead the team that will top the IPL 2013 team standings will qualify for the final directly. After that there will be play offs where the 2nd, 3rd and 4th team will have to fight in order to qualify for the final. The team standing second will get two matches to qualify for the final whereas the teams in the 3rd and 4th place will get one match each. After the seven games if any team is tied with the same point with another team in the IPL 2013 points table, then the net run rate will come into play. This net run rate will be decided after taking several things into consideration such as number of runs by which one team has defeated the other, number of wickets in hand when the winning team was batting and such other things.

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