T20 World Cup 2012 Points Table

Points Table for T20 World Cup 2012 tournament which is being held at Sri Lanka from Sep 18, 2012 to Oct 7, 2012. In 2012 World Twenty20, total 27 matches including 2 Semi Finals and one Final will be held. The matches of 2012 World Twenty20 will be played in Sri Lanka till Oct 7, 2012. Points-Table.com helps 2012 World Twenty20 fans to embed the code for tournament team Standings and provide information about which teams are qualify for the next round or stage.

T20 World Cup 2012 Points Table will allow cricket bloggers and administrator to directly embed the code on their sites and blogs to give their visitors unique experience and information on team standing of 2012 World Twenty20 which is being held in Sri Lanka. This site helps in getting latest updated T20 World Cup 2012 points table. Points Table for T20 World Cup 2012 with all the details. You can also embed the 2012 World Twenty20 points table on your blog and website.
T20 World Cup 2012 Points Table - Super Eight Stage
Super Eight Group 1MatWonLostTieN/RPtsNRRForAgainst
Sri Lanka (E1)330006+0.998473/55.2453/60.0
West Indies (E2)321004-0.375447/60.0433/55.2
England 312002-0.397463/58.5496/60.0
New Zealand 303000-0.169461/60.0462/58.5
Super Eight Group 2
Australia (F1)321004+0.464405/52.3435/60.0
Pakistan (F2)321004+0.273413/59.4379/57.0
India 321004-0.274421/57.0420/54.5
South Africa 303000-0.421430/60.0435/57.2

T20 World Cup 2012 Points Table - Group Stage
Group AMatWonLostTieN/RPtsNRRForAgainst
Group B
West Indies201011-1.85583/9.1100/9.1
Group C
South Africa220004+3.598172/19.4139/27.0
Sri Lanka211002+1.852228/27.0178/27.0
Group D
New Zealand211002+1.150355/40.0309/40.0
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2012 World Twenty20 Team Standing

T20 World Cup 2012 Schedule

The T20 points table is a much hyped factor during the course of the T20 World Cup tournament. The T20 World Cup points table is something that viewers keep checking in search for updates after every single match gets over. The excitement of cricket even in the shorter form of the game is evident here. The World Cup that followed the general trend of the 50 over format has now kicked off in a new style with the 20 over format. This format has witnessed tremendous success over the years and this excitement among viewers keep the World Cup point’s table ticking. Cricket, in every format has got away with a lot of success especially in the subcontinent.

At a World Cup tournament what people generally look out for in the T20 Cup points table is the team standings; this is what excites a viewer more than anything, the desire to know not only where one’s favorite team stands but also about the rest of the team. The T20 team standing hence has become an important part of the tournament time table. Having the World Twenty20 points table up also enables a person to determine the position his team is in right now and how well is its chance to qualify if they play better in the rest of the tournament. A lot is expected out of the upcoming T20 World Cup as the World will keep their eyes glued to their television sets for the T20 World Cup 2012 points table throughout the tournament.

The tournament will begin with team competing in their own groups where each team will play two games. Top two teams from each group will enter Super Eight round where teams will be divided into two groups. Top two teams from Super 8 will enter Semi Finals. Group Points Table will be replaced with Super Eight Points Table once, all group matches are finished.

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